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Occupiers and Commercial Office Space

  • Which BBC departments are at MediaCityUK and what shows do they make here?

    The BBC has been established at MediaCityUK since 2011 and produces a wide range of broadcast and online content. Around 2,500 BBC employees are working here, making a range of exciting content for BBC News, BBC Sport, 5Live, CBBC, BBC learning, future media and technology, CBeebies, as well as local TV and radio. In 2016 the BBC Three digital channel is due to join our neighbourhood too. www.bbc.co.uk/aboutthebbc/bbcnorth
  • What ITV departments are at MediaCityUK and what shows do they make here?

    ITV completed its move to MediaCityUK in 2013, bringing a new and exciting dimension to our city. The teams from CITV, factual, entertainment, news and drama, the Jeremy Kyle Show and various business and support services are based in the Orange Tower. By the end of this year, they’ll be joined by the cast and crew from Coronation Street, who will start to broadcast the award-winning serial drama from its newly-built production facility here at MediaCityUK. www.itv.com
  • What does the University of Salford do at MediaCityUK?

    The University of Salford was the first academic establishment to open here at MediaCityUK with a brand new digital learning, teaching and research space – where over 1,500 students are taught. Facilities include: TV and radio studios, digital media and performance labs, post-production suites and a living research facility. Programmes include journalism, animation and TV documentary-making, alongside technology-based courses. Find out more: www.mcuk.salford.ac.uk
  • What is SIS’s (Satellite Information Services) involvement with MediaCityUK?

    SIS, a world leader in the television industry, is another great brand who has a home here at MediaCityUK. The internationally renowned company, run dock10 in partnership with us (Peel) and operate the largest fleet of satellite uplink and outside broadcast trucks in Europe. SIS’s significant production and engineering operations are based at MediaCityUK in the Blue Tower. They have built the largest broadcast teleport in the north of the UK, connecting MediaCityUK to the global broadcast market. BetFred TV is also made and broadcast from their MediaCityUK home. www.sis.tv
  • Who are dock10?

    dock10 is one of Europe’s leading digital media service providers, at the heart of MediaCityUK. dock10 is a joint venture partnership between Peel Group and SIS. It offers you access to HD TV studios, digital post-production, cloud media management services and advanced connectivity options enabling the creation and delivery of content on, and across, any digital platform, efficiently and cost-effectively. www.dock10.co.uk
  • What is The Landing?

    The Landing has well and truly landed here at MediaCityUK. It combines studio and lab services with managed workspace and fantastic connectivity. It also houses the region’s only usability rooms for testing and analysing games and interactive technologies, as well as the UK’s only digital workflow centre. The post-production hub within The Landing is a showcase for new talent and new techniques in post. The Landing also has office space available across floors 2–7 in Blue Tower, suitable for 2-15 people. thelanding.org.uk
  • What smaller companies are based at MediaCityUK?

    To date over 50 small creative companies have made their home here. Based in The Greenhouse and The Pie Factory, they include casting, lighting, camera hire, PR and digital media. Take a look through our Occupiers' Directory to find out who is here.
  • What is the cost of renting an office at MediaCityUK?

    We have a number of options for those wanting to take space at MediaCityUK – ranging from the White, Blue and Orange Towers, to The Greenhouse and The Pie Factory. Depending on whether you’re a freelancer, a small creative company or a large corporate, we can find the most suitable accommodation for you. Please email property@mediacityuk.co.uk for further details.
  • Do I have to sign up to a long-term lease or are short-term leases available?

    To suit the varying nature of the creative industries, we do offer flexible and short-term leases in both The Greenhouse and The Pie Factory.
  • What are the benefits of taking an office at MediaCityUK?

    A shared media infrastructure for maximum flexibility, purpose-built, de-risking technology decisions, proximity to content commissioners, flexible commercial office space, bespoke services (fully managed or plug and play) and a magnet for top talent.



  • What is the technology offering at MediaCityUK?

    We at MediaCityUK are connected to one of the most advanced communications networks in the world. Our infrastructure has been developed to cater for the bandwidth-hungry requirements of the businesses of today. Have a look at our technology page, for further details about our offering.

Living at MediaCityUK

  • Can I live at MediaCityUK?

    If you fancy making MediaCityUK your home, then our brand new apartments offer breath-taking views over MediaCityUK, Manchester and the surrounding countryside. You can choose to buy or rent or for those of you looking for more flexibility we have a range of serviced apartments available for short term lets. We also have a four-star Holiday Inn hotel, offering convenience and comfort to all our visitors. If you’d like to find out more, please contact: Buy or rent: anita.jolley@mediacityuk.co.uk or call 0161 238 7404. Serviced apartments: reservations@theheartapartments.co.uk or call 0161 820 6868. Hotel: enquiries@himediacityuk.co.uk or call 0845 2508458.


  • How sustainable is MediaCityUK?

    Being green and clean is important to us, and there are many ways in which we try to care for and improve the MediaCityUK environment. We were awarded the status of the first sustainable community in the world by BREEAM in 2011 – one of our most innovative measures was the delivery of our own tri-generation power plant which helps to heat, cool and power the buildings at the heart of MediaCityUK. Developing a green travel infrastructure has always been important to us and so far we’ve brought a new tram stop to our city, increased bus routes and frequency, and helped to expand cycle routes. MediaCityUK is part of The Peel Group, which has achieved Carbon Trust Standard. Take a look at The Peel Group website to find out more about what we do here and across our other developments: www.peel.co.uk/responsibility/environment


Jobs, Work Placements and Charity requests

  • How can I find out about jobs at MediaCityUK?

    We at Peel Media own and manage MediaCityUK. We are a small team, so we don’t have a large number of staff positions and those that we do have, will be advertised on this web page. There are over 200 businesses based at MediaCityUK, all of whom you can find in our occupiers’ directory. When asked, we will share their job opportunities via our Twitter feed – so keep your eyes peeled. We would also suggest you take a look at the job pages of some of the major organisations based at MediaCityUK, for their latest opportunities: BBC www.bbc.co.uk/careers/home. dock10 www.dock10.co.uk/jobs. ITV www.itvjobs.com. SIS www.sis.tv/careers. Lowry Outlet: www.lowryoutlet.co.uk/jobs.
  • How do I apply for work experience?

    We advise you to contact the businesses located here specifically to find out about their work experience placements and opportunities.
  • Can you help with my charitable request?

    We get inundated on a daily basis with requests for charitable prize donations. We (Peel Media) are the developers and owners of MediaCityUK, don’t manage or have access to prize donations – in particular requests for tickets for programmes being made at MediaCityUK. We would advise you to contact the programme makers direct to request donations of this nature. At present, we (Peel Media) work closely with a range of organisations who we offer charitable support and are not looking to support any further charities at present.